Landen - Laia Fàbregas‘He died during the landing,’ she says at the start of this tale. She is a young woman sitting next to an older man on the plane when he dies. She feels the need to take the man’s wooden box secretly away with her after his death. But what is inside?

Alternately from the perspective of the young woman and the old man the story unfolds. The man who died was a foreign labourer from Spain, who married his great love: a Dutch artist, who painted her husband’s dreams. He has lived a life full of love and relationships.

Reality for the young woman is rather different. Her only friend is Karen, the owner of a cafe. Karen is also the only person who knows who she is looking for, why she is keeping a list of names and why every weekend she visits someone on the list. The lives of the young woman
and the old man are linked, but how?

Landing will be published in English by Hispabooks in the near future. You can find it already in Dutch, Spanish, Catalan and French.