Yellow days

gele dagen - laia fabregasThey say that the first thing my brother said to me when I was a newborn, just arrived from the hospital, was:
‘Is this it?’
And my mother said: ‘Yes, this is Sira.’
Then my brother looked at me for a moment and declared:Well, I don’t like her.’

My brother was only six years old and he had already decided that we wouldn’t be friends. And I learned early on, thanks to one of my dear aunts who could not shut her mouth, that these were the exact words my brother said to me the first time he saw me.
Luckily Nil never did anything to get rid of me, even though he had enough occasions. The truth is that every time my mother went to France without warning and she didn’t pick us up from school, my brother, on the way home, could have leave me anywhere in the neighbourhood. But he didn’t.

The story of Sira and Nil is not a regular one. Sira will become castellera and Nil will disappear very young. They both have Cecilia Sicilia in common, a writer who does not write and who will represent the distance between them. But also their need to be together. A fascinating story with characters that fade, red grass and raining frogs, days with yellow skies and nights, perhaps, of many other colours.

Yellow days is a novel full of surprises about family, love, the pursuit of happiness and literature.

Yellow days has not been published in English. You can find it in Dutch and Catalan.