It all begins always with a sentence.
An extraordinary sentence.

I write. I create stories from primal ideas that are nothing more than a spark. Like the opening sentence of Landen: "He died during the landing". I write novels that you can find in bookstores and libraries.

The astronauts' silence

The story of a mother and daughter who fight to adapt to the environment, and of an American boy who will help them without knowing it.

I teach. I show how I do this writing from scratch and without a map. Because if I can do it, maybe you can too. I teach Creative Writing, Writing and Style courses and also the Màster de Creació Literària at Laboratori de Lletres.

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Writing courses in Catalan

I train. I help companies and organizations to express themselves better at writing; to order the text and to simplify it; to use the semicolon, and to avoid repetitive words. I give trainings to companies at Laboratori de Talent.

I advise. I give counsel to companies to improve their processes, to better manage their projects, to implement changes. Because I know how to see processes and changes with a panoramic view, and I know how to order things that seem impossible to order, like my novels when they start to get out of my head. I am an organization consultant for companies at Laboratori de Talent.

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Training and consulting for companies and professionals
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7,305 letters

Públicat el 1 de April de 2021 per Laia

On April 2 of this year, I will have been writing a letter every day for twenty years. I write by hand on a piece of paper, or on an exhibition entry, or on a drawing of my son. Every day I write one letter, I put it in an envelope, I close the envelope,…

Pregnancy after miscarriage

Públicat el 11 de April de 2016 per Laia

Ever since I lost Queralt I’ve learned a few things about the various dimensions of grief after a miscarriage. Things that have to do with my own experience and others having to do with the experiences of other women who have unfortunately gone through a similar situation. One of the things I’ve learned is that…

The method of the rational writer

Públicat el 1 de March de 2016 per Laia

In the last post I talked about the intuitive writer. Today I will approach the rational writer who, as I said, is the most described in all writing manuals that can be found in bookstores. The rational writer always thinks before writing the story, he plans it and works the idea out, before starting to…

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