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On April 2 of this year, I will have been writing a letter every day for twenty years. I write by hand on a piece of paper, or on an exhibition entry, or on a drawing of my son. Every day I write one letter, I put it in an envelope, I close the envelope,…

The method of the rational writer

Públicat el 1 de March de 2016 per Laia

In the last post I talked about the intuitive writer. Today I will approach the rational writer who, as I said, is the most described in all writing manuals that can be found in bookstores. The rational writer always thinks before writing the story, he plans it and works the idea out, before starting to…

The method of the intuitive writer

Públicat el 16 de February de 2016 per Laia

As I explained here, we could say that there are two types of writer: the intuitive writer and the rational one. These two roles are actually just a theoretical model that simplifies reality. We would thus, ideally, have these two model writers which are located at two opposite ends of a line, working in opposite…

To think or not to think before writing

Públicat el 1 de February de 2016 per Laia

When I started preparing the syllabus for the creative writing classes at the Laboratori de Lletres, I asked myself: how can you teach writing? I studied Fine Arts, so I saw the resemblance quite fast. Teaching writing is as difficult as teaching painting, sculpture, and art in general. You can teach the techniques (stone carving,…


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I’ve always admired people who keep a blog. It requires a lot of discipline, to have much to say, or to be eager to share with the world what you think or what you do. Although I work as a teacher and I am often in the position to have to speak to a group…


As I wrote on the post Why, this blog deals with two very different topics: writing and miscarriages. If you are interested in both subjects, you can read post after post. If you just want to read about one of them, I recommend you choose the appropriate category to filter only the posts of the topic you want.

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